Animal Diagnostics in Daleville, AL

If you ever wonder about your pet’s health and whether they’re hiding any underlying issues, we might be able to help you find answers. Daleville Animal Hospital offers exceptional pet diagnostics in the form of a full in-house laboratory, digital X-ray equipment, and ultrasound. We take pride in not just being able to care for your pet, but also in having the ability to uncover some mysteries about their health. Diagnostics also play an important role in helping pet owners understand their companions, so they can make better healthcare decisions on their behalf.

To schedule an exam for your pet, call us at (334) 598-1117.

Why Our In-House Laboratory is Important

Routine blood tests and fecal exams are an essential part of every pet’s wellness exam. They give us key information about your companion’s health, such as whether or not they are infected with parasites. Without lab tests, we might miss subtle, underlying issues that could get worse before we see your pet for their next checkup. Our goal is to detect problems early so we can treat them quickly, and spare your pet from any lasting, harmful effects.

Along with parasites, we can also screen dogs and cats for other issues such as urinary tract infections, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. Additionally, we can send out blood and stool samples to external laboratories if we need more comprehensive results. But if your pet happens to be sick and needs faster results, we can provide urgent testing as well.

X-Ray and Ultrasound

Other state-of-the-art tools we have on hand are digital radiography and ultrasound. Digital radiography, or X-ray, is an excellent method for finding signs of broken bones, arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia, and issues related to the heart and lungs.

With ultrasound, we can check for fluid in the abdominal cavity and monitor cyst and tumor growth. For more extensive workups, we can send out to a board-certified radiologist.

X-ray, ultrasound, and our in-house lab all play a part in the early detection of disease and keeping your cherished pet healthy. If they’re due for a checkup, give us a call today at (334) 598-1117.