Limiting the Spread of Disease with Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Daleville, AL

It’s no secret that our precious pets get into all kinds of things in their environment, and even just going about their daily lives can put them in the path of a harmful virus. Cat and dog vaccines can help to drastically reduce the spread of many different diseases, such as rabies and parvo. At Daleville Animal Hospital, we recommend vaccinations for virtually all pets to keep them healthy, protected, and living their best lives.

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Diseases Our Cat and Dog Vaccines Protect Against

Routine vaccinations help to maintain your companion’s immunity to various illnesses. Our primary disease concerns for dogs and cats include:

We Recommend Vaccines Based on Your Pet’s Unique Needs

The vaccines your cat or dog receives throughout their lifetime can be determined by several factors. Before administering any vaccinations, we examine your pet, evaluate their medical history, assess any and all potential disease risks in their environment, and consider their lifestyle, as well. Dogs and cats that board, visit the groomer, or travel frequently around the country (such as military-owned pets) may be more at risk for certain diseases than those that stay in one place.

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